A List of Five Health Resolutions

The New Year is coming quickly and there are many things that need reflective attention. This year is going to be a fresh start, laced with discipline and victory. It needs to be done; it might as well be now! The following is a list of heath resolutions for the coming year:

Health Resolution No. 1:

One of the most important health resolution is making some changes to my eating habits. My eating habits need an overhaul to be a healthy diet. I need to bring my weight into a healthy range while improving nutrition. I plan to work more fresh vegetables and fruits into my diet while cutting back on meat. I plan to study on what things contain protein as an alternate to meat. This will improve health and also save money on groceries. I want to eat more fresh foods, less processed foods that are loaded with salt and chemicals. Instead of adopting a popular “diet”, I will simply count calories and improve the quality of what I eat. I will start at the number of calories that will maintain a weight that is twenty pounds lighter than my present weight, and take my time to get my weight down to that weight. Then, when that is accomplished, choose the amount of calories needed to maintain a lower weight, until I arrive at a healthy weight, a weight where I feel good and have more energy. It will not be the weight of my youth that would be unrealistic.

Health Resolution No. 2:

My second health resolution is to develop an exercise program that will fit into my routine. Consistency is important in an exercise program. If you exercise hard one day and skip a week until exercising again you just wasted your time. I will start with a short time of exercise and gradually work up to exercising one half an hour at least three or four times a week. I will engage in regular cardio and strength training. Perhaps a friend or two will be interested in joining me. Exercising with friends makes it interesting and also encourages you not call off exercising some nights. Exercise makes you feel good, increases energy and metabolism as well as calm nerves. This is a good deal and worth any effort.

Health Resolution No. 3:

The third health resolution is getting a complete physical, including and preventative tests suggested. This is something that is easy to put off. When it is completed there will be much peace of mind knowing all is well with my physical body.

Health Resolution No. 4:

The fourth health resolution for the New Year is to look for a good multi vitamin and possibly find some supplements that would be beneficial to health. I will go to a health food store and get information and advise. Then I will take the suggestions to my Pharmacist to make sure nothing will conflict with my medication. Checking with your Pharmacist is important if you are on any medication; there may be interactions with supplements.

Health Resolution No. 5:

The last health resolution is to make more time for spirituality. This could be the most important health resolution of them all, even if it is listed last. A good spiritual life results in a calm, peaceful demeanor. It enables you to make better decisions; it helps you know where you are going and why you are doing what you are doing.

The benefits of the above five health resolutions will be worth every effort. I plan to follow through, but do it in a relaxed, no-hurry manner. This will be an excellent New Year, with victory and health ever increasing throughout the year.

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