A Little Love Goes a Long Way

A small child needs a hug today…
None ever comes along his/her way.
They wonder why Mother and Daddy’s never home,
Why did they have me to leave me alone?

I cannot remember a hug or a kiss,
Really, don’t know what I’ve missed?
The touch of a hand could mean so much,
Maybe, a trip out for a bonding lunch.

I don’t know what the words “I Love You” mean,
the remarks I’ve scribbled on my blue jeans.
One day…I’m sure to find a true love,
Someone I can kiss and will give me hug.

Years have passed and they still don’t care,
I’ve spent my life waiting…it’s really not fair.
I achieve to make them happy…to notice me,
Instead, they never show they’re contented or pleased.

I’ve done my part at being their child,
I’ve missed out on love and walk my mile.
Too many years have gone and passed,
I’m tired of trying for a true love that lasts.

I’ll bid you, Mother and Dad, a farewell of “goodbye,”
Too many nights I’ve fretted and cried.
Lessons I’ve learned is never regret…days gone by,
Seek out a life to show love and to live with pride.

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