A Matter of Time

It is only a matter of time

We try to fake it until we make it

Or until it is stronger than our will to go on

What will it take?

When will it break?

The will to believe

The will to go on

The will to smile again

The hole which it digs is vast

Never ending

You wonder what is on the other side

All you can see is darkness

But it looks to peaceful

No gray area

Nothing unclear

Just empty

The empty there has to feel

Better than the empty here inside me

The haunted feeling of aloneness

The crowding in my head

The poking the prodding of your memory

The reminding anguish that lingers with the memories

The unanswered questions of why and when

What have I done to have chosen this path?

What am I to learn?

How long can I last?

I only wish for peace in my head

For my heart to be free of pain

For the echoes in my mind to stop asking

It is only a matter of time

Fake it until you make it

A battle that my mind, heart and soul is losing

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