A Modern Christmas Carol

T’was the night before Christmas
And the papas and mamas
Were stuffing their kids
Into ugly pajamas.

The presents from K-Mart
Were all wrapped up tight
While mom fussed with the babies
To go down for the night.

Dad’s in the living room
Making such noise
Tryint to decipher instructions
That came with the toys.

Try as he might
He just can’t see
How to make Tab A
Go into Slot B.

He grumbles and groans
As he scuffs on his knees.
The instruction sheets
Are all in Chinese.

All is finally ready
And the kids are in bed.
But visions of bills due
Float around in dad’s head.

While this is a season
Of Joy and Good Cheer,
Dad’s really happy
That it only comes once a year.

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