A Moment of Spirituality

People have asked if I believe in a God as a pagan. Actually I’m polytheistic. Not all pagans are, not all of us believe in God. It’s like that Christians, Jews, etc. Those that are spiritual or lapse religious in their own way. I believe because I have had the experience with spirits both good and bad, I have been protected by what some call guardians or angels when I have called them.

What does this all mean? That is there is a God or Goddess or Gods as many religions believe that there is a Devil? I spent the night watching The Rite and other such exorcism movies that I have seen play in my head. In this film the man that becomes the priest starts a Doubting Thomas pushed into religion to hide from the pain of other aspects of his life- this reason that so many come to religion.Even in my own life sometimes that is all to familiar. I move away from spirituality sometimes, even though I believe but I always come back. As a Wiccan, I don’t believe in the devil or a hell- funny the things that get linked to witches. What most believe is witchcraft from watching horror movies isn’t even Satanism and actually devil worship. Pagans nor Satanists actually believe in a devil figurehead. So where does the evil that such films depict come from?

No one will ever know for sure instead we should be focused on how to keep it from our lives. No matter what religion or spiritual practice one adheres to, even if it nothing use your energy to push away the negative that attracts bad things.Spend your energy appreciating life and those in it. Use what gifts you have been given from the creator to be a good person and honor your loved ones and community. See witches are that different from the rest of the spiritual community after all.

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