A Must Watch YouTube Video!

Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC TV challenged his audience to sending in a YouTube video on their kid’s reaction to the statement “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween Candy”.

Well, the reactions were dynamite and a must see video by all my readers. Honestly, you will want to watch the video again and again for a laugh, I promise!

While the sense of sarcasim by a few of the kids was truly priceless, generally, the kids all reacted in the same way, throwing a tantrum and crying.

One of the little girls on hearing the news, said to her dad, “Dad you’re ugly”.

However, the last two boys on the video, without doubt, took the cake!
Sitting on the sofa, hands behind his head, the older lad was composed and unruffled when hearing the news from his mom. His intelligent approach, is awesome!
“Oh, good for you, now you’re gonna have – probably get a belly ache”. said the older lad.
“Yooou sneeeaky mooom” was the reaction of the younger boy.

A ‘thumbs up’ video, in every sense!


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