A New Hurricane to Threaten the East Coast of the US?

The East Coast of the United States has already had enough of hurricanes. Hurricane Irene made landfall in the Carolinas and punished those from Maryland to Vermont with winds, heavy rains and resulting massive flooding. We’ve had enough already, and that was only a Category 3 hurricane. The hurricane season is off to a running start already. Now, Katia looks to make her run as she gains strength as a tropical storm.

Tropical Storm Katia is currently departing the west coast of Africa and will gain strength as she hits the warmer North Atlantic waters. Tropical storms gather strength as they encounter warmer waters that condensate easily. The warmer water provides the ability of the storm to grow in size and as result strength. Katia should be north of St. Kitts and the Virgin Islands by Tuesday.

The current computer models have Katia heading in the direction of the East Coast of the United States once again. Some models and forecasts estimate that Katia will be a Category 3 hurricane by Tuesday, September 6th. If the models and the storm track as expected she will take a track that is similar to that of Irene. Even if Katia tracks a few hundred miles from the East Coast, she will still bring disastrous rain to areas that are already experiencing record flooding.

This tropical storm is one to keep an eye on as it develops. The history of hurricanes that developed at Katia’s current position can track west to Florida, north to the Carolinas or northeast back out to sea. Hopefully Katia will stay away and leave the flooded and those who just got power back alone.

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