A New Kind of Crazy for Jet Fans

Jet fans are not typically known for their tight grip on sanity. Anyone who has rooted for the Jets for any portion of their lives has not done so because it was the sane thing to do. After a disappointing 8-8 finish to the 2011 campaign we have to consider how the culture around the franchise has changed. In years past an 8-8 finish has usually been considered a moral victory. After most 8-8 seasons our insanity has typically been expressed by comments like “At least they played a meaningful game in December.” or “It could’ve been worse.”

As Jet fans we should actually take a moment to be thankful that our current forms of insanity derive from having expectations. We need to take heart from the fact that after an 8-8 season the coaching staff, at least on offense, is being retooled. We should be pleased that players are displeased and throwing one another under the proverbial bus. I, for one, am ecstatic that I have not heard one player come out with the “We were in most games to the end and needed to execute a little better.” quotes. My current Jets related dementia is much more fun than the old one.

One of the results of our upgraded lunacy is the persistent meme, in New York, is that Mark Sanchez has played his way out of being the quarterback of the Jets. Fact is that if Kenny O’Brien had a season similar to Sanchez no one would be calling for him to be replaced. The finger rightly would have been pointed at the very porous offensive line, the lack of open receivers, along with the poor planning of the Offensive Coordinator. The numbers Sanchez put up this year are very similar to his 2010 numbers despite the diminished talent around him. Unless the Jets upgrade at Right Tackle, Left Guard, and Coordinator it would be insanity to judge Sanchez, Shonn Green, or any of the skilled position players for that matter, based on 2011.

It would be a shame if our new mental state leads management to an over reaction similar to what is happening amongst the fan base at this point.

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