A Review of Flat Out Edge on Baked Flatbread Multigrain Crisps

I do like flatbread and when I came across a bag of Flat Out Edge On Baked Flatbread Multigrain Crisps in the snacks section of my local Walmart Superstore, I was intrigued. This snack was very affordable. I decided to purchase these, try them and write a product review all about my personal experience with them. Here is what I discovered!

I bought one bag of Flat Out Edge On Baked Flatbread Multigrain Crisps for three dollars. Not a bad price. Each bag has six servings in it. This snack is all natural. It has no preservatives and no artificial colors. I discovered that these crisps are a good source of fiber and omega 3. Fabulous! The picture of this snack, on the front of the bag, looked really interesting. These tempted me. I could not wait to taste them!

These come in a re sealable bag and I liked that fact. They are easy to keep fresh. When I tasted these crisps, I liked them. They have a rich multigrain wheat flavor. Very crunchy and hearty. They are in an interesting shape. Long and jagged, kind of like puzzle pieces. I like these with cheese. They are delicious that way. They are also great with dips and in soup. This is a very versatile cracker snack. Since they have sixty percent less fat than regular potato chips, they make having a healthy snack easy for me. The motto on the bag is “Gimme more multigrain.” I like it. I did get my edge on with these. They have such creative shapes and edges, you can’t help but admire their artistry.

One serving has 120 calories. Only 36 of those calories are from fat. One serving has 4 grams of total fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, yay, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 mg’s of cholesterol, fantastic, 240 mg’s of sodium, 16 grams of total carbs, 5 grams of dietary fiber, wow, 1 gram of sugars and 6 grams of protein. This snack does have a small amount of iron in it. This product does contain milk, wheat and soy ingredients.

I enjoyed trying Flat Out Edge On Baked Flatbread Multigrain Crisps and writing this product review about them. They are a healthier way to snack. And the angles on the crisps make these an exciting snack to try. This company makes flatbread in traditional, original, light, grain, mini flatbread, Italian herb, sun dried tomato, garden spinach and kidz flatbread. Their flatbread crisps line includes garlic herb, four cheese and sea salt crisps. Awesome. This snack is a winner and I rate it four stars out of five stars. For an affordable multigrain snack, you can’t beat it.

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