A Review of VH1 Classic Rock Nights with Eddie Webb Radio Show

I love rock music. I always will. Our local fm radio station here in Albany, Georgia, ROCK 103.5 has added a spectacular nightly radio show to it’s line up. The VH1 Classic Rock Nights with Eddie Webb Radio Show. This show is something else. I love it. Here is an article all about it.

If you love rock music, this radio show is for you. Eddie Webb started his radio career at the tender young age of fifteen. Wow! In a small town in Iowa. No way! Way! He has made his way up and out into rock radio fame and I am delighted! Eddie’s radio show is worth listening to. It is a fresh breath of rock and roll classic music mixed with what the rock classic artists that we all grew up with and loved are doing today. We get to hear the old classics and the new stuff. Yes, many classic rock bands are still around and playing live in a town near you. Eddie checks them out, interviews them, plays their music and enlightens fans nationwide. It is a fun journey.

This radio show is great. Eddie just interviewed Night Ranger, a popular band, known for their hit “Sister Christian.” This band is back and they have new music. Eddie played their new song “Lay it on me” and I loved it. That is just a sample. The VH1 Classic Rock Nights with Eddie Webb Radio Show features great artists and bands like Tesla, Queen, Meatloaf, Bob Seger, REO Speedwagon, Rush, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Whitesnake, Super Tramp, Dire Straits, Van Halen, The Pretenders, The Who, Boston and Bad Company, for starters. Ozzy Osbourne is a guest, along with so many other artists. Super!

Eddie Webb has a cool and easy going way of interviewing artists and bands. He just lets them be themselves. They speak from the heart, share from their road tales and of course, their newest music. That is so cool. Jethro Tull, Pete Townsend and much more. You never know what this radio show is bringing next and that makes it thrilling. Eddie Webb takes classic rock and brings the fresh out of it. That is special. That is unique. As only a true music lover can do. Thank you, Eddie. We appreciate it and I just had to write this article celebrating Eddie’s and VH1’s talents for rock and roll. You make radio better.

You can hear VH1 Classic Rock Nights with Eddie Webb Radio Show Monday through Friday at seven until midnight. If your local radio stations do not carry this fun classic rock radio show, do not fear. You can listen to it nightly on the web. It is worthy, fun, rocking, exciting and all that a radio show should be. A winner!

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