A Road Test Review of the Nissan Rogue

Just about everyone has a preference when it comes to buying a vehicle today. What one person likes another may not. Some individuals prefer a hatchback or SUV over a mid-sized sedan for example. But regardless of the type of vehicle you like, you would be wasting not only your valuable time, but your money as well, if you didn’t test drive the vehicle you first had in mind. Recently I had taken a Nissan Rogue for a test drive.

The first thing I noticed upon arriving at my local Nissan dealer was that this particular vehicle looks attractive in just about any color. And in my opinion color is one important factor in purchasing a car. A white or black Nissan rogue will give you a higher trade in value, if you decide to trade it in, for a newer model two or three years down the road. This is an important fact to consider, so always keep this in the back of your mind no matter how much you like this vehicle in a royal blue or candy apple red.

Besides color most people purchase a vehicle based on its safety features and how it handles on the road. After choosing a white Nissan rogue to take a test drive in, I found that it handled the road surface superbly. Not to mention it performed with a smooth ride, with its AWD traction grabbing onto the road surface perfectly; upon each and every curve that it took. This is another nice feature that the rogue has, the AWD option that makes it excellent in snow and on other slippery road surfaces. This is a plus given the fact that it is moderately priced compared to other vehicles of its class beginning at about $22,000 dollars.

Edmunds gives the Nissan rogue a five star rating. You can view more about what the Edmund site says about the new 2012 rogue at the following page www.edmunds.com In addition to its comfortable ride and excellent road handling, the only issue that bothered me about this vehicle, was its relatively small rear window. This can be a problem for some individuals particularly if you were driving a vehicle with a much larger back window. It can at times make it difficult to back up at first until you get used to it. However to compensate for this problem Nissan has the 360 degree option, that can be purchased with this vehicle. With this package it makes backing up literally child’s play and you basically get a better visual, of what’s going on behind you.

Otherwise I love everything about the Nissan rogue, including the roomy interior cabin with the option of having cloth or leather seats, to make your trip a most comfortable one. To learn more about the new 2012 Nissan rogue and older models, go to check it out for yourself, at Nissan USA’s website which can be found here www.nissanusa.com. Hopefully after you test drive a new Nissan rogue, you come to the same conclusion I have. And that is-“who said Ford had a better idea?”

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