A Rustic Old Home

A simple little cabin,
That someone called home.
It has all the necesities,
That a family could want.

Yet it stands so plain,
For the untrained eyes.
Some see the beauty,
That money can’t buy.

They say, “Home is where the heart is”,
And this I know is true.
It doesn’t take a mansion,
To make a lovely home.

The simple life wasn’t all that simple,
It meant long and tiring hours of work.
For everyone had their share of chores,
Right down to the smallest child.

No modern amenities,
Electricity, indoor plumbing,
Were all an unknown thing.
Yet families thrived in these simple cabins.

Yes, these days are all gone,
And we head out to work each day.
Not from a simple little cabin,
But from a home of luxury.

No open hearth stoves,
Or working in the fields.
No sharing of rooms,
Or mending to be done.

We can only remember,
Of those days that have past.
How life used to be so complete,
In a rustic old cabin.

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