A Sign of Love

A gentle, loving smile
A loving glance
A shy response
From someone who truly cares
Hurt by past loves
Afraid to proceed
He loves the lady
It’s clear for anyone to see
He wants to move forward
And say how much he really cares
He’s afraid to be hurt
Because of memories from his past
If only she would give a loving glance
Or possibly a loving touch
Then he would know
That she really cares
Until that day comes to be
He will continue his gentle ways
Hoping upon hope that she learns how much he really cares
She hears the words he says
And wonders if he loves her
It’s a question that she’s afraid to answer
Could it be true that they are two soul mates
Beginning their path through life
Her hand in his, step by step
Into eternity together, till the end of time.

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