A Slice of Tuscany in Your Living Room

For anyone who has experienced the luscious Tuscan countryside, the dream often follows to decorate in a Tuscan theme when they get back home. The colors are brilliant and warm. The natural elements are strong and earthy. From color selection to furniture, distinctive Tuscan style always turns heads. Here’s what you can do to create a slice of Tuscany in your living room.

• Rich, Warm and Earthy Colors

Picture the Tuscan countryside. What do you see? Green landscape with red poppies and yellow-orange sunflowers with deep brown centers are plentiful. Red grape vineyards and farmland abound. The colors are rich and warm and kissed by the sun. Load up your space with gold, yellow, orange, red, green and brown and you’ll have the perfect backdrop for a Tuscan dream home.

• Weighty Woods, Stone and Metals

Introduce weighty wood and ornate metals into your Tuscan decor. Deeply colored wood plank flooring works well with this style – as does real stone or stoned inspired tile. Massive wood beams and black wrought iron accents enhance a Tuscan interior. Large stone fireplaces with rustic wood mantels are classic to the look you’ll want to achieve.

• Old World Lighting

When it comes to lighting, old world and romantic pieces rule supreme. Multi-arm chandeliers are the perfect lighting source to deliver old world flair. Add a couple of metal wall sconces to complete the look. Or add floor and table lamps in ornate pottery shapes or bulky wood pieces to define your style.

• Traditional Furniture Style

Bring in traditionally crafted furniture for your Tuscan home get away. Wood frame furniture with turns and beautiful carvings are genuinely Tuscan. Add velvet and silk fabrics in warm colors with golden accents and you’ll never go wrong in your space.

• Ornate Accessories

Adding accessories to your Tuscan paradise is easy – just remember to go ornate. Embellished urns, grand candlesticks or gold leaf mirrors are ideal. Layer ornate area rugs on your floor. Bring in over-the-top floral sprays and lots of greenery. Use artwork that picks up the rich colors of Tuscany and you’ll never go wrong. And don’t forget to add the warm glow of candles.

Check out the pictures and inspiration for this article in the Tuscan Living Rooms ideabook on Houzz. You’re sure to find color and home decor items you’ll want to use to create your own little slice of Tuscany in your living room.

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