A Tragedy Remembered: 9/11

It just happened without any warning, any signs, or hints. That was the worst case for the people inside the twin towers.

Ten years ago, I was watching everything on television that day. I was 13 then, with no idea what life is yet . Time stood still during that time, and I was just trying to hold my breath for a few minutes. I was shocked, horrified and crying. It was nighttime when I watched it. And yes, I watched everything go down. Even though I am not from America, I shared the pain.. for their loved ones. That day i started dreaming.

All things went upside down that day. And worst, It was all planned, planned by the ruthless terrorists led by Osama Binladen. How could he? Either way It had happened. Many people died, love ones perished for no cause. I bet the terrorists was delighted over the news, while many people cried. I was one of them. That day sparked a fire on every people’s hearts. It marked the rebirth of patriotism, an awareness that anyone can terrorize even the most richest countries. That day, everything changed..

Deep in my heart I was changed. I never knew how fragile life was before that. How innocent I was, and for teens of my age that day. It made me cherish every moment I lived. It gave me reason for doing so, for my family, for my friends, for my country. I am aware now, destined to make a difference, for it is me who can build my own destiny. And I believe others are capable of doing so.

It’s been 10 years now since that tragic day. Still, memories are still fresh. Pain still lingers on peoples hearts. People who lost love ones, and for the ones who are losing theirs due to terrorism. When can this stop? I believe we can only dream of that day. But who knows, that day will come, when the world is at peace. Believe me, dreams can come true, if you really wish it could be.

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