A Trip to Nassau

An ocean voyage we did take,
We left from New York City.
We were young and couldn’t wait,
To learn the nitty, gritty.

The ocean liner was the best,
The crew were friendly, too.
Our dining companions were the best,
We all had so much to do.

When I woke up and saw outside,
The ocean colors true.
I just kept looking at the water,
I really loved that view.

We took a tender from the ship,
And got off at dockside.
We walked along the sandy trail,
The beach we did abide.

We walked along the sandy beach,
The water was so blue.
I wore a two-piece bathing suit,
My girlfriend did so, too.

We took a carriage ride in town,
We saw the lovely sights.
We bargained at the lovely mart,
It was a wonderful night.

And then we went back to the ship,
And then we set a sail.
Head back to New York City,
And didn’t leave a trail.

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