A Trip to the Strangest Farm on Halloween Night

The local farm that we usually visited was jam-packed on Halloween night as Jack and I drove up; I could barely find parking. As I looked around, the full moon shone brightly! The headless horseman was passing by, and we ducked as he drew his sword, swiping right over my head! We hurried into the farm, passed rows upon rows of pumpkins adorned with painted faces–some were lit up brightly! A farm worker came towards us dressed as a witch, holding a bloodied apple to her mouth, her hood covering half of her face; I smiled to see someone dressed in a Halloween costume, but just as I smiled, her fang teeth dripped blood which oozed down her chin! Eek, I screamed, clutching onto Jack’s hand as we hurried over to the hay wagon to catch a harvest-time hayride. Up on the wagon, Jack and I went, helped up by a scarecrow who was driving it next.

The full moon shone brighter still as a witch riding a broom flew right over us! There was some commotion as a vampire with blood-red nails, lips and tongue quickly went behind us in the wagon, smacking his lips as he enjoyed some kind of Halloween treat, the stench smelling like grilled flesh. I didn’t have time to wonder more about that as I was offered a delicious looking red apple by the scarecrow driver who smiled a toothless smile. One minute I saw a child holding a doll, but upon closer gaze, I saw she held a dead squirrel as she smiled with glee! What had appeared to be a beautiful white steed, as I quickly turned around to watch everything that went on, now appeared to be a centaur! He bid me “good evening” as I quickly rubbed my eyes. Suddenly, Jack appeared to be Julius Caesar himself.

“Jack, are you seeing some very unusual things or has someone slipped me something strange in my drink tonight?”

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