A Voter’s Rights, Lefts and Uppercuts

As Americans, we live in a country of equal opportunity. Which means all citizens whether born American or immigrant must be treated as equals, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, social class, education level, religous faith, and marital status. When we vote, we exercise that right as a privilege to express our choices and views in choosing policies suitable for their needs and picking candidates to represent and serve the nation and participate in government.

But now at a time when voter registration policies has been changed in most states, a few other states are still pending in 2011, our voting rights are being compromised by state policies that the GOP party proposed (and some has passed), making voting and registering more complicated to do and understand. From the elimination of early voting to the voter ID laws with registration requirements, more and more citizens are being away because of lack of requiremets that aren’t necessarily needed or couldn’t find an election polls to cast their ballots or to register in their district.

The fact that they use voter fraud as a reason why these new policies take place is a an excuse to discourage citizens from perfoming a civil right that was created by our fore fathers who worked and fought so hard for and died for that right to manifest. It is purely unethical and un-American to put bureaucrary over voting rights that are suppose to serve very American and not just special interests groups.

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