A War of Words

Since the dawn of Jefferson’s presidency many ages ago, there have been two major political groups in the U.S. And as many are well aware, these two groups are known as the left wing and the right wing, the Donkey and the Elephant, but most commonly, the Republicans and the Democrats.

Much like the story of Romeo and Juliet: These two worlds, or at least their labels, are completely against each other. Red vs. Blue in battles over finances, housing, choices, rights, and anything else they can think of. The very essence of war…between speeches.

It is difficult to alter another person’s view. But it would be quite obvious to most bystanders that the idea of a political party is to shift others’ views into their frame of ideals. In other words, I would define a political party as a group of ongoing protesters fighting for one cause or another, at all times, against those who would stand in direct confrontation of their views, beliefs, and plans. And do note that I’m not knocking protesters…

But can you imagine the political system without parties?

Currently America is based on a three part voting system. The Candidates race, we vote, the Electoral College votes, and then the president is elected as either a Republican or a Democrat. It’s important to note that our Country was the first to have the major position of power (or at least a part of it) handed over peacefully from one individual to the next. It would be naive to disregard how incredible that event truly was and is today. But, that doesn’t change the fact that today, we should start considering whether or not it’s even worth it to have political parties anymore.

The rising generation of computers, science, technology, and change have brought with them ideas of equal rights, balance, financial education, and the idea that it may be time to rewrite a large portion of the government that’s currently being enacted today. I predict that, within the next decade or so, the very political parties that we’ve come to know so well will in fact collapse due to split views, changed perspectives, and perhaps, a better and more united existence.

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