A Winter Season of the Blah’s

Flurries flitting through the air…
Sky’s dreary looking…no energy anywhere.
Yesterday’s firmament an azure hue, clouds glide in a flair,
No warning a snowstorm’s headed here.

Gusts curl around my ankles and feet…
Nips at my bones, heart and soul too.
My face looks like a big red beet,
No fun hiking, disappointing to boot.

The weather takes its toll on me…
Winter zaps my strength and fools my soul.
I need sunshine to fill me full of pep and energy,
Wintry weather zaps my spirits and makes me feel old.

My eyes view nothing but starkness of bushes and trees,
Grass and weeds falling over and emerges dead.
Nothing about the season pleases me,
Everyday makes me long to get over this dread.

The sun will bring me to life when it comes out,
Without it, life becomes dull…want to hibernate like a bear.
Sleep through the winter…then I won’t pout,
Nothing excites me, makes hate to comb my hair.

I’m anxious to see a Robin bobbing around,
Makes me crave a day of fishing and fun.
Shop until I drop all over the town,
A senior on a mission to relax and slouch in the sun.

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