A Word of Difference

When was the last time you believed in yourself? No, I don’t mean how you believe you can wake up on time rather than being late to work. I mean truly believing in whatever you do. Sometimes we must rely on others to change how we perceive ourselves. If one day you receive the amazing experience of meeting someone that believes in you, you better hold onto that person.

Even if they just say things to build your confidence and don’t always necessarily mean it, it still is worth it all. The feeling you get from someone saying encouraging words of how they know that you can do something is beyond the level of confidence. It changes your whole perspective and replenishes the hope you had lost within yourself. Jealousy is common in our world today and you will always have one person or multiple people that will try and tear you down. After hearing negative comments made towards you it is normal to start agreeing with the hurtful statements made about yourself. At first you don’t want to believe what they say but then because you hear it so often it becomes your reality. Then there’s that moment, greater than something you will never be able to understand unless you are in the situation first hand. When that someone says words that indicate they think you can achieve whatever you set your mind too. It’s not a little matter because when those words hit your ears your spirits will immediately begin to escalate. Those words don’t just disappear after the conversation. No, they will ring in your thoughts for days to come. Your world will be flipped upside down. You will experience extreme happiness maybe even some sadness at some point because you wish you could replay that moment over again. The range of emotions that will be soaring through you will be wild. You might make life altering decisions that you were too afraid to make beforehand. It may not always turn out like planned but I guarantee that no matter what happens from there on that moment will push you in a better direction.

This person doesn’t have to be someone you are close too or someone that you’ve known for a long period of time. This person could be a total stranger, a friend, a parent, a teacher, a child. And although, it may not be someone you know all that well you will have some connection with them even if that’s the last time you speak. You will be forever grateful to this person and that will carry with you forever. Words are very powerful and have a huge impact on someones life. If you find that person that uses those words in the right ways you owe them all your gratitude.

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