Ahabel’s Water Lily

Greetings to you beautiful human!
Do you know how beautiful you really are? And how lucky you are?
Well, I do. And I thought I’d just remind you of how special, and spectacular you, and your planet are.
I think most of you are in a state of denial, either that or are sleepwalking through your lives. You are made of light energy, like me, but unlike me, you are also made of two-thirds water, as is your beautiful planet. Do you know how rare that is in the universe? There are very few planets in this universe that even have a drop of water. It is a treasured resource throughout the entire intergalactic community, and most of you waste it, pollute it, and disregard its phenomena entirely. Silly humans, when will you learn? And what’s more, you can be almost anything you choose. But so many of you hide the truth from yourselves, or close yourself to the idea that we are all made of pure energy, we are all connected, and we all affect each-other with every thought and action. Because we are made of energy, we can not die, ever…not truly. We can only transform into different forms of energy.
How do I know this?
Well, first I should tell you, my name is Ahabel, and I am not from your planet Earth. I am from Jupritia. If you don’t know where that is, or have never heard of Jupritia, please read my first posting here. I am luckily still able to speak with you using one of father’s old communication devices that my sisters and I found in a heap of his old discarded experiments. Ummm, yeah.. he’s an inventor on our planet, and is always tinkering around with things he brings back from his excursions. My sisters and I almost exploded with excitement when we found that it really worked! Anyway, you really should read my first posting, it will explain a lot. When you are finished, come back so I can tell you what happened on my first visit to your planet.
To keep this easier for you to read, I will only speak in terms of your time, not our time, because that is just too confusing to get into here. (Refer to my first post for a clearer understanding of how our time works).

Ok, so my older sister Atonuc and I were practicing our intergalactic language studies one afternoon, and I had this great idea… yeah, I know, sometimes my bright ideas aren’t so great, but this one was perfect.
I slyly brought up the subject to lure her into my trap, because I know how much she loves plants, flowers and growing things, so I said to her,
“Hey Atonuc, have you ever smelled a water lily?”
And she replied, “Ahabel, you know darn well I haven’t, and it’s not fair that you keep bringing up things that you know I’ll never be able to experience, you always do that. Why do you always do that?”
“Well, I know a way we can get one.”
“What!? Really…? You do? How….? Where….?”
“Welllllllll, see… I found this book in Dad’s office, and…”
“You did? What book? I’ve never seen a book in his office with a water lily in it… only the one in our Science of Animate Matter studies book. Which book are you talking about Ahabel?”
“Listen, it doesn’t matter. I know where we can get one, and all we have to do is keep hush-hush about it, ok?”
“Oh, Ahabel, you are sooo not fair, you know how much I love flowers, and you’re just trying to scam me into one of your excursions again, aren’t you?”
“Atonuc, look, see, I have this great idea, I’ve got it all planned out, and we’d be back before anyone knew we were even gone, you know we can. Mom and Dad will never know unless we tell them, and we don’t have to tell… ”
“Yeah, but what about Akathesh? And Axukaz? And you know if Atiwek sees us she’ll run to Dad and tell on us as fast as her little legs can carry her …”
“Don’t worry about Akathesh, she’s busy with father today, helping him with some experiment, and you know Axukaz is somewhere getting into trouble like she always is, and Atiwek is probably following her around, so we don’t have to worry about them. I have the perfect place in mind to get a gorgeous water lily, and plus we can go swimming to get it!! Won’t that be great! We’ve never been swimming, and I’ve read all about it, it’s really simple…. all we have to do is….”
“But Ahabel, the laws!!! We’re not old enough to travel yet, and we especially can’t bring anything back! And what if something bad happens? How will we get help? We don’t know how to swim!”
“Oh Atonuc, nothing bad will happen, this is just a quick jaunt – easy as poriek, I’ve got it all planned out.”
“Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of.”

” Holy woierthiok! I think I’m dying!”
“No, you’re not Atonuc, just take a deep breath…you’ll be fine.. you just inhaled a little water that’s all. Here, look… see? Take a gander and a whiff of this fine specimen.. this lily is even more perfect than the one in our school book. And you did it. You captured the most perfect water lilly on the planet.”
“No, but… but.. ” Atonuc gagged and coughed up small filament of seaweed, then finished, “you…. it’s all your fault Ahabel, and I almost died out there! How could you!!”
“Oh Atonuc, you take everything so seriously. You are just fine. Now come on, we’ve got to find a sunny place to sit and dry ourselves off, if we are all wet when we get back they’ll start asking questions. So c’mon!”
“Oooooh, sometimes I’d like to knock that smart mouth of yours right off your face Ahabel, YOU are the one not taking this seriously. I almost died out there in that huge lake, and thank the Star-Signs I am ok, otherwise you’d have a lot of explaining to do to Mom and Dad. It doesn’t even matter that this is the most beautiful planet I’ve ever seen, and that water is the most amazing substance I’ve ever felt. As it is we’re going to be in huge trouble, and I’m blaming the whole thing on you.”
“Nevermind that now Atonuc, let’s go find a sunny place to sit… I think I see one right past that clearing in the trees over there.. c’mon!”
Atonuc sat up and shook herself off, still grumbling to herself, and followed Ahabel into the clearing.
When she caught up with her, she noticed Ahabel had seated herself on a large boulder and was peering over the edge of it eying a clear spring pool, and also, that Ahabel had a strange look on her face.
“Oh no, Ahabel… not again. I am NOT going in that pool. I don’t care what you see in there.”
“Awww, c’mon Atonuc. Just look! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Look at that fish! I just have to get a closer look. This pool spring is as clear as it gets, and it looks much safer than that lake we were just swimming in.”
“Ummm, no Ahabel, you are not talking me into it this time. I’m not going. And plus, we need to dry off you said. I’m staying here. I’ll watch from here to make sure you don’t kill yourself.”
“Well, suit yourself, I’m going in.”
You wouldn’t believe it, but as I jumped into the perfectly clear spring I felt myself lose balance and somehow hit my head on the side of the boulder. I’m so thankful that Atonuc was there with me, I’m sure she saved me right away, because the next thing I knew we were back at home and Atonuc was giving me a dirty look. So I guess things turned out ok. We were both alive, dry, and back in our own home, on our own planet.
Atonuc pulled me aside and told me how secretly she had always wanted to visit Earth, and even though for all the trouble we might have gotten into, she was positively elated that she was able to finally smell a water lily and go swimming. She even gave me a hug, and promised we’d go again. Then I pulled the tattered water lily out of my pocket and gave it to her. You should have seen her smile. It never felt so good to be home.

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