Albacore Tuna – Learn Some Tips and Secrets that Can Help You Catch This Prized Fish

Albacore Tuna are usually colored dark blue on their upper body, light blue or sky-blue underneath this area, or towards the center area of the fish’s body, then silver-white underneath, including the head, they also have a very large or long pectoral fin, that is mostly dark blue in color.

Albacore Tuna are not monsters, when it comes to fish size, the large adult ones grow to around 4 feet in length, and can weigh close to 100 lbs.

Albacore Tuna are one of the most prized catches of all tuna fish, their flesh is nice and white and is absolutely delicious when cooked. When I buy canned tuna to eat as a snack, the only tuna I purchase is Albacore Tuna, because it is so nice and white and flaky and delicious. Actually Albacore Tuna, is not just one of the most prized of all tuna, it ranks as one of the worlds most sought after fish by both anglers and restaurants and tuna companies.

Albacore Tuna, seem to mostly prefer the deeper, ocean depths then a lot of other fish do. They are fished for by commercial fishing companies as well as thousands of seasoned anglers throughout the world.

When bait fishing for Albacore Tuna, they love smaller bait fish that live in the same area as the Albacore Tuna do, such fish as; mackerel and sardines are a couple favorites used by anglers when pole fishing for them with live bait fish, they can also be caught on shrimp and squids, although these baits are not quite as good as the live bait fish are for adult Albacore Tuna.

Remember that Albacore Tuna usually like staying down in the deeper depths, especially the larger, adult ones, so you will want to use a large jig head or sinker, to get your bait down to the depths where they are.

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