All About the Ash-leaf Maple

The Ash-leaf Maple is also known as the Box elder and Acer negundo. It is from the maple family of plants and is a native tree to the United States.

Ash-leaf Maple Description

This is a small to moderately-sized tree, growing 35 to 50 feet high. It has spreading branches and light green leaves. With its compound leaves and odd growth pattern, it isn’t like other maple trees. The leaves do not have good fall color. It has non-showy flowers and a samara for fruits. The samaras are green with brown seeds, are paired, and have a V-shape. Bloom season is between March and April.

Growing Guide

The ash-leaf maple prefers to grow in full sun with a moist soil. They have a high drought tolerance. Propagate it by seed or by cuttings.


This native tree is found in every state in the United States other than Hawaii and Alaska.

Interesting Facts

This tree was once used among the Plains Indians and the Prairie settlers as a syrup tree. It was tapped to make maple syrup when sugar was scarce.

Warnings for Ash-leaf Maple

This has brittle weak wood. If it is planted in an area that has much ice and wind, it could be very hazardous. Plant it far away from structures and the house.

Butterflies Attracted by Ash-leaf Maple

This plant will attract the Cecropia silkmoth as a larval host. This means the moth uses the plant to lay eggs on so that the caterpillars have a food source when they hatch.

Source: NPIN

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