All Christmas Wishes

It’s a time for giving, a time for cheer,
And of course it is the best time of year.
As it approaches, so too does the cold,
And warmth fills the hearts of the young and old.
All are quite happy that Christmas is near.

Let’s lie to our children, tell them all fibs.
Prepare to put up with our relatives.
The ones we don’t like. The ones we won’t see
But once a year so long as we’re lucky.
All of this because Christmas approaches.

“Come buy now,” say the ads, never ending.
Even Santa himself is attending.
For a month we feign human compassion,
Throwing change at bells, calling it action.
All get a piece of our Christmas spending.

And the kids, they behave, lest they miss out.
They’re fed lies of magic, lies they can’t doubt.
It’s lots of fun, and they learn to be good,
at least for rewards, not because they should.
All children know what Christmas is about.

Lots of presents and great home-cooked dishes
Make the day one of our most auspicious.
Gluttony, greed and some brotherhood too
With a dash of dishonesty gives you
All of our important Christmas wishes.

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