All Natural Winter Decorations for Your Yard

While everyone is decorating their front yards with lights and reindeer this year, there are other options for holiday decorating that do not involve the use of electricity and are a bit more natural. Not only can these decorations provide a beautiful holiday display but they can also be beneficial for your garden as well.

Natural Plants and Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping your yard, you may just think of plants that bloom in the summer and create color. However, depending on your location and your winter climate, there are many plants that provide a festive red color in the winter and can be great for adding some natural holiday decoration to your yard. Plants such as poinsettias, ornamental cabbage, dusty miller, checkerberry, holly are a few good choices. Another good plant is the Helleborus niger, or Christmas rose, which produces flowers in white, pink, rose, burgundy and light green.

Natural Birdfeeders

If you have children and access to large pine cones, consider making a variety of natural birdfeeders to hang and decorate all over your yard. Simply use peanut butter or lard and spread over the pine cone. Roll in a variety of different bird seed and tie a colorful bow to the top. Use these in a similar manner to Christmas ornaments for a tree and decorate your yard. Not only is this a great natural decoration, it also provides food for birds in the winter.

Natural Wood Creations

If you have old pieces of fence or scrape wood around your yard and were planning a trip to the dump, maybe you should reconsider. Those pieces of wood can be used to create a small winter sleigh that can be used in your yard as a planter to create another festive decoration. You can leave it natural or paint it in a festive holiday color.

Natural Wreaths or Holiday Swags

If you have a pine tree or holly bush in your yard, consider taking some cuttings and creating a home-made wreath or swag to hang on your front door. These can include some clippings from other holiday plants mentioned in the landscape section as well. For an additional holiday touch, you can add a bright red bow to finish off your design.

As you can see with just these few simple ideas, holiday decorations do not always have to include lights and store purchased items. With natural items, you can still create a festive holiday yard and keep your decorations environmentally friendly.

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