Aloft My Love

Aloft my love, your pedestal
Seems I’ve been most meddlesome
Where I stand, not boy or man
Can you fly or think you can

Did you fly or did I place
Beast and beauty was a chase
But if I stopped would you wait?

Aloft my love, your words take flight
Like my own they drift and die
Upon the air they breathe their last
Like my heart they’re in the trash

A love story, those bits of paper
Nothing but a worthless labor
And yet their voices cry out “save her”

Aloft my love, your ground I kiss
And yet your feet — they seem to miss
But why is it I still adore
When you cannot touch the floor

“Hanging” out, is it someday
Back and forth you swing and sway
I love you more than yesterday

Aloft my love, your body ash
Against my skin, why do you latch?
In every breath, it’s you I hold
Even in my blackened soul

Still above and trapped within
Girls like you “I’m better than him”
Perhaps you are my dear sweet sin

Aloft my love, I dream an angel
Or a ghost you haunt and dangle
Do you rest with God above?
Haunting me, in hate or love

How I longed to see you fall
But not for me, no not at all
And yet for you I climbed I crawled

Just a girl, you were my love
Worshipped you, no one above
And yet your heart I couldn’t catch
Can’t heave peace, don’t know rest
Fly or place, you were so high
Just to drift and sway and die

Never mine, a lost love
You’re so high, aloft my love

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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