Aluminum Pop Can Flowers

Turn aluminum pop cans into interesting and colorful flowers. These homemade flowers withstand the elements and make great additions to any garden. Make sure to wear gloves when working with the metal to prevent cuts.

Things You’ll Need:

3 aluminum pop cans per flower
Oil pencil
Tin snips
Drill bit
½ to ¾-inch dowel
¼-inch diameter bolt, 1 ½-inches long
Washer and nut


Step 1 – Draw a flower petal 2-inches wide and 4-inches long, 2-inches wide and 3-inches long, 2-inches wide and 2-inches tall on a piece of paper. Cut the three flower petals from the paper.

Step 2 – Position the 4-inch flower petal on the side of the can so the bottom edge is flush with the bottom edge of the can. Trace around the petal with an oil pencil. Move the paper flower petal to the right and match the petal with the first. Line up the bottom edge of the paper petal and trace around it with an oil pencil. Repeat the process two more times.

Step 3 – Repeat Step 2 with the 3-inch and 2-inch tall paper petal on the two remaining aluminum cans.

Step 4 – Put on the gloves. Cut the top off the three aluminum cans. Cut along the drawn petal lines.

Step 5 – Bend the flower petals down to create an open flower.

Step 6 – Drill a ¼-inch hole in the bottom center of the three aluminum flowers.

Step 7 – Drill a ¼-inch hole approximately 1-inch from the top of the ½ or ¾-inch dowel.

Step 8 – Insert the ¼-inch bolt through the hole in the dowel. Place the 4-inch petal over the bolt, then the 3-inch and 2-inch.

Step 9 – Place the washer over the end of the bolt. Secure in place with a nut.

Optional: Paint the dowel green with either acrylic paint or spray paint prior to drilling.

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