Amazing Race Going “Jersey Shore” in Season 20

Reality TV is something that I can’t stop watching. For some reason I am addicted to watching people. I’ve always watched people whether I was at a park, at a grocery store, at a bar. But the great thing is that now I can watch them in my living room. Or is it a great thing?

But, whether it is a great thing or not, it is a “reality” that this phenomena exists. And apparently I am one of the 60 million people that watch the Jersey Shore crew week after week. And yes, you may say that it is 1/60millionth my fault…and I would have to agree. I do wait and watch it when my kids go to sleep. The couple of times it was on when my toddler was around, she danced to the club music. That is one of the highlights for me. I like that kind of fast paced music. And maybe that is what draws so many viewers. Or is it the drunken debauchery that goes on? Maybe a little of both.

I mean, it is an ego booster to watch the show. You can’t help but reflect on your own life and thank God that you are actually doing pretty good. Life isn’t so bad. It could be worse.

But, do they really have it that bad. Snooki would probably disagree. She made $100,000/episode for season 4. Jersey Shore even beat out the GOP by a landslide. 7.4 million people are more interested in what a bunch of guidos/guidettes are doing than what the Republican GOP has to offer.

That is a whole other depressing topic.

So, what is different about Amazing Race and why am I shocked that they cast a couple of Jersey Shore Boys? Amazing Race is one of the “reality” game shows that seemed to steer clear of this type of stereotype. The muscle headed, fake tanned, big haired, big ego-ed, drunk 24/7 stereotype. But, in the new Season 20 there are a couple of guys that were cast as the “Jersey Shore” guys Danny and Joey, Club Promoter and Personal Trainer. After watching their introduction video, they pretty much seem to fit the bill.

Whether it’s Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” MTV’s “Jersey Shore”, TLC’s “Cake Boss”, “Table for 12,” “Jerseylicious” on Style Network, or “My Big Friggin’ Wedding” on VH1, every network seems to want its own stereotypical cast of mouthy, cocky, proud-to-be-from-Jersey personalities. And now, Amazing race has integrated this phenomena into Season 20. You can’t deny the fact that these types are bringing in high ratings, and money.

This will not deter me from watching Amazing Race this season since I don’t think they will last very long. In some way, I do hope that Joey and Danny can demonstrate some problem solving and map reading skills to the world.

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