America’s First National Park

The United States of America takes pride in its National Parks. In fact, the entire US is connected pretty well with a great network of roadways so that the whole country can be covered by road. In the summer of 2010, my family had the golden opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park for the first time.
We live in the Los Angeles area. We flew out of Orange County, CA to Denver, Colorado in late June, 2010. After we hopped off the plane, we rented a car and drove to Casper, Wyoming. We stayed there overnight since our eventual destination, Cody, Wyoming was over 350 miles away from Denver, Colorado. After visiting a local museum in Casper, we continued on our journey to Cody. The entire route is supposed to have been home to a variety of dinosaurs millions of years ago. We visited a dinosaur museum as well before we reached Cody, Wyoming. We stayed at a hotel in Cody during our week long trip and drove about a 100 miles each way to visit Yellowstone National Park.
The highlight of our visit was “Old Faithful.” The entire National Park is sitting on a geyser. The visitor center predicts when the “Old Faithful” is likely to erupt and we were fortunate enough to watch the eruption.
The National Park is also home to the Upper and Lower Falls. The cascading waterfalls is a sight to behold.
Also worth mentioning is the wildlife in the park. We saw a lot of bison. On our drive, we also saw a grizzly bear.
There are a lot of hiking trails to get in touch with nature up, close, and personal. This year, a Southern California resident who was visiting the park was hiking and ran into a female grizzly bear and was unfortunately mauled and died. These incidents do happen and it is extremely important to exercise caution during hikes and heed all warning signs.

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