Amy Sedaris Crafting for Poor People: My Favorite 2011 Book

For my birthday this year, one of my friends sent me a crafting book by comedian Amy Sedaris. At first, I thought this was due to my love of her performances as Jerri Blank in “Stranger’s With Candy”. However, my friend insisted that it was due to the focus that Sedaris placed on disability and crafting. A life-long crafter, I had to put down the needles and thread when I became sight disabled. Over the summer, I found that this was a helpful hint in getting me back on the path of crafting.

Okay, and There Are Lots of Funny Photos

As a comedian and master of disguises, Sedaris does not hold back in her book “Simple Times: Crafting for Poor People”. In addition to focusing on crafts, it is one hilarious photo of Sedaris after another. She has several helpful suggestions and shows you how to keep it simple and crafty. Fortunately, I was not able to clearly see the photos that my friends describe as, “A horrific extension of ideas that include exercise and sexuality.”

Is This a For Real Crafting Book?

Are you going to get a bunch of funny stuff and no crafts? In my opinion, Sedaris does a really good job of sticking with the themes of crafting when you do not have money. In my experiences with crafting at religious centers, camps, college, and as an adult, I found many of the suggestions to be the cream of the crop. In other words, this is a real crafting book that will come in handy for any activity director.

Does This Really Have Crafts for the Disabled?

I have been lucky to know many people with a broad range of abilities. While not every craft will suit the disabled person in your life, this book does help create awareness. Since I have become disabled, I have had fewer social opportunities. I love how Sedaris draws attention to shut-ins and has plenty of references throughout the book that focus on inclusive behaviors.

Is This Book for Kids?

This is definitely an awkward book to give to a child. There are plenty of “suggestive” photos and a penchant for intoxication. However, don’t let this turn you off from buying it. If you want to have real fun, have your friends describe the pictures to you before you look at them. Then, you will be able to have as much fun as I had.

The prequel to this book was, “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence.” In my opinion, both make great birthday or holiday presents for anyone that is into humor or crafting (or both).

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