An Amazing Slovenian B&B in the Julian Alps

In Bovec, Slovenia, within the Julian Alps, there is an absolutely amazing bed and breakfast with something for everyone: Hotel Penzion Boka Bovec.

Natural Beauty

Breathtakingly beautiful and abundant, the Julian Alps surround the Penzion Boka on all sides. The view from every room on the front side of the B&B is the impressive Boka Waterfall.

Directly behind the hotel, pouring straight from the Alps, is the turquoise Soca River. Explore the enchanting river banks along the white chalky rocks and admire the snowcapped Alps.

Embrace the natural beauty and take a hike through the Triglav National Park and ski the slopes of Kanin. The outdoor adventures in Bovec’s natural beauty are endless.

Eat, Drink, and Relax

The Hotel Penzion Boka Bovec offers modern, comfortable rooms with amazing views. Included in the very affordable room rates are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Enjoy a large buffet selection for breakfast, including both hot and cold foods. For lunch, prepare to be impressed by the delicious plated meals, including appetizers and sides that are served family-style.

The hotel’s bar offers a variety of coffee and alcoholic drinks. Whatever it is you are sipping on, do so while staring out at the Julian Alps. The view from the bar is exceptional and completely romantic.

The Hotel Penzion Boka Bovec is slow-paced and accommodating, making it a great destination for relaxing.


Not far from the hotel are some of Europe’s most amazing attractions. Less than two hours south in Postojna are the Postojna caves. This karst cave system is the largest of its kind in Europe. Take a tour and travel by train deep into the cave. Travel through the miles and miles of cave, and discover the Postojna dragon.

About an hour and a half away, across the Triglav National Park, is the magical Lake Bled. This glacier lake in the Julian Alps hosts the only natural island in Slovenia. Explore Bled Island and the castle sitting upon it, or just enjoy admiring the lake from its majestic shores.


Arguably the most naturally beautiful country in all of Europe, Slovenia is the perfect host to any tourist. The Hotel Penzion Boka Bovec is a jewel surrounded by the Julian Alps.

Hotel Penzion Boka Bovec
Žaga 156 a, 5224 Srpenica, Slovenia

Postojnska jama, d.d. Postojna
Jamska cesta 30, SI – 6230 Postojna
Tel: +386 (0)5 7000 100
Fax: +386 (0)5 7000 130
Email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: All facts stated above are personal knowledge of the author, acquired during travel to each location.

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