An Average American’s Thoughts on 9/11

Sept. 11 2001 started like the day before. I got up and got ready for work in Red Lion, Pa. I was on my way early to make pizza for the kids in Rose Hill, Pa., like I did every morning and I was listening to Howard Stern (no offense Howard but not really my thing) and I hear him saying that he is about to leave because the World Trade Center has been hit! I’m thinking, “OK, my dad was a truck driver and I have heard your craziness for years but this isn’t funny, this is my second home… I was there last week.”

I got to work making the school pizza and I get a call from my ex, who has returned home and turned on the TV! “I’m sorry, Amanda, it’s real and the second tower has been hit,” he says.

The only time my ex was ever (good) was giving me the play by play on my beloved city. The towers I saw a week earlier and all the people( the wonderful people) that where in them were gone as I was crying over a stupid pizza. I felt lost and saddened , but when I got home, I was happy to be alive. Even with someone I could not stand.

Well, we made life worth that and almost 10 months to the day I had my oldest son. Then that ended very bad and something told me I wasn’t done with my story of what that day meant to me! I was right, not long after I met the greatest man I have ever known and the perfect man for me! My Scott, who is a United States Marine. He went in when he felt the call of someone trying to take our home and freedom away. He is the greatest person I have ever met and though we have to spend a lot of time apart I know god is on our side and he is doing what he was meant to do.

Final note: God bless all of the families not just New York, but also D.C. and Pennsylvania. It just hits me harder in New York because I was in Grand Central a week after everything happened and witnessed the sadness of all the posters and flyers of families praying for a happy ending that wasn’t going to come! As I type this, I cry. God bless you all that read this. It’s not much, but it is my story.

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