An Exploration of Brooklyn Wine Shops that Offer Free Tastings

My wife and I really love wine and so we have scoped out many great wine shops in Brooklyn that do free tastings. A while back I wrote up a suggested Park Slope wine trail of shops in Park Slope that do free tastings on Saturdays. Park Slope may have the greatest concentration of wine shops with free wine tastings in Brooklyn, but there are many more scattered throughout the borough. Here are some of our favorites along with some new discoveries we have yet to explore.

Long’s, at 7917 5th Ave, in Bay Ridge (718.748.6505)

Long’s is my neighborhood shop and along with free tastings they have special discounts and a buy-10-get-one-free wine punch card. They taste every Friday from 5-8pm and Saturday from 4-7pm.

Gnarly Vines, at 350 Myrtle in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene (718.797.3183)

These guys have all kinds of different wine, liquor and cocktail tastings and also feature special events in addition like artist receptions. A very cool place.

Brooklyn Wine Exchange, at 138 Court Street in Cobble Hill (718.855.9463)

Free tastings pretty much every single day at 6pm as well as all kinds of special classes in their Learning Center. Can feel like the center of the universe.

Scotto’s, at 318 Court in Carroll Gardens (718.875.5530)

A great shop with a long history and numerous tastings each week, conveniently available online.

Height’s Chateau, at 123 Atlantic in Brooklyn Heights, (718.330.0963)

Multiple tastings every week and lots of value wines and special discounts. The Chateau is one of the best go-to shops around.

Fermented Grapes, at 651 Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights (718.230.3216)

Regular tastings on Wednesday’s 6-8pm as well as other, irregularly scheduled tastings. Usually featuring an art exhibit too.

UVA, at 199 Bedford in Williamsburg, (718.963.3939)

Tastings every Wednesday 6-8pm and Saturday 3-5pm. With 100+ artisanal wines under $15, UVA is one of North Brooklyn’s best wine shops.

Dandelion Wine, at 153 Franklin in Greenpoint (347.689.4563)

Just discovered these guys but haven’t checked them out yet. Tastings every Thursday 6-9pm.

Adam’s Wines and Liquors, at 620 5th Avenue in Sunset Park (718.768.1521)

Close to Park Slope and offering tastings every Saturday 4-7pm. A rep tells us
“we make the decision late Friday” what will be poured Saturday.

Vine Wine, at 616 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg (718.349.1718)

Just opened at new location in April, with tastings every Wednesday and the occasional Saturday. See their schedule here.

Windsor Wine Merchants, at 216 Prospect Park West in Windsor Terrace, (718.768.2291)

Offers tastings every Friday, 6-8 pm. A rep told us “we choose what wines the wine reps pour.” Also, they “lean towards small producers” and “bang for your back” wines.

Blue Angel Wines, at 638 Grand Street in East Williamsburg, (718.388.2210)

Haven’t had tastings scheduled for the past month at the time of this writing, but will pick up again in the fall of 2011. Blue Angel has almost nothing but five star ratings on Yelp, a very good sign indeed.

65 Fen, at 65 Fenimore in Prospect Leffert, (347.715.6001)

Saturdays 4-7pm and sometimes Friday, but a rep told us “a good time to come around is 7pm, Wednesdays” as they are doing evaluations of wines to possibly stock and will share with customers. Coolest place ever? Possibly!


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