An Open Account of Nothing

Open NOSE; insert heaving and huffing
What for, how about nothing
Another day of sighing
So in love with dying
One breath of clean air
Maybe if you weren’t there
Neither you nor me
Should really breathe

Open EARS; insert sully
Talk about dirty, talk about muddy
I listen to you day by day
Dark nightmares are my someday
To hear the wish… I’d never been
So listen, hear my thoughts of sin
How I toss and turn in fear
You should know but never hear

Open EYES; insert something
Power, fame, girls, and money
I see all this but never touch
But sacrifice, indeed to love
True enough or just a trap
A fool to try; that’s why you laugh
Let me see what I desire
That’s my Hell, indeed my fire

Open ARMS; insert my mulling
Waiting for you, waiting for nothing
And even if my guard was up
Again and again I fall in love
Slings and arrows, outrageous fortune
Never enough, so many portions
Why won’t I accept the truth?
“Baby, I will wait for you”

Open MOUTH; inset nothing
Why should I bother saying something?
When my body, soul, and mind
Are my voice, are my lines
I open up to let you in
But my living is the sin
So I don’t speak, you think it’s funny
What I am; accounts for nothing

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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