An Open Letter to the President

President Obama, addressing the viewer audience, asked everyone- call, write, email your Senator, your Representative- tell them- Pass This Job Bill. Well, that is just terrific!

Here is the public’s view on your call. Mr. Obama, please tell us, where will the $450 billion you want to spend, come from? Fact is, the “Super Committee”, charged with coming up $1.2 to $1.4 trillion in spending by November 23rd this year, will need to add YOUR proposed $450 billion to their list. Is that fair, to a committee just getting started? and now your additional spending?

Curtail your spending, do your part to help the economy. That includes NOT sending your spouse to New York and watch the US Tennis Open , inclusive the dozens of Secret Service and FBI agents entrusted with her safety? Inclusive with her travel, are the cost of flying her up in an Air Force Jet, the Hotel, the police on the ground, all other ground safety procedures, and not to mention, the inconvenience her visit caused. Do your part, cut your spending. Each visit you do to any state, any city, cost the American public millions in safety procedures.

Have you given thought to the fact, the nation is deeply in debt, and our borrowing capability has shrunk severely? Give thought, what happens, when the Chinese stop buying our U.S. debt securities? We run out of checks and money ! Do your part Mr. President !

To the reader, write, email, call, your Representative at requesting the Presidents travel to be curtailed.

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