And on with the Next Interview, Please Hire Me

“Sorry, I have to answer that. Governor Mitch Daniels took my secretary away.” That statement was my favorite line from my latest interview. In a previous article I mentioned that I am having troubles finding a job with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Now, I am going to explain what some of the problem is.

Just as I was finishing my degree, Mitch Daniels was making cuts in Indiana state jobs. This is especially true in the Indiana Department of Corrections. That has largely been hearsay, but true. During my last two job interviews, I have seen it first hand.

First, I interviewed for a teaching assistant for Ivy Tech at Branchville Correctional Facility. It was a part-time position that requires a Bachelor’s Degree. At the beginning of the interview, the person representing Ivy Tech explained that the position used to be a full-time state position. Now, it is a part-time contracted position with Ivy Tech. The state of Indiana would only allow them to hire someone for 20 hours a week. She explained that to alleviate some stress on the person in that position, they had the teachers take on some of the responsibilities that the teaching assistant should do. She was hoping that once Mitch Daniels was out of office, it would become a full-time position again. Six people with at least Bachelor’s Degrees interviewed for a part-time position. They chose someone other than me.

The second sign of corrections cut backs in Indiana came in my most recent interview in the same facility for a different position. The interviewer asked a question. Two words into my answer, his phone rang. He said, “Sorry, I have to take that. Governor Mitch Daniels took my secretary away.” He seemed genuinely embarrassed like he knew that it was unprofessional to take calls in the middle of an interview. After the phone call, the interview continued. He explained that two people were retiring from the position for which he was conducting interviews. The State of Indiana was not allowing him to open a permanent position to replace those two people. However, he did convince the state to allow him to use a temporary service to hire one person to replace two people.

Now that I realize that my difficulties in finding employment are caused by state cut backs in the corrections field, I wonder why there are cut backs in corrections employees while the inmate population is increasing. Anyone?

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