Another Dancer Goes Home After the Halloween Celebration on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

One dancer wasn’t exactly tricked; however she/he wasn’t feeling as if she/he had received a treat either as she/he was eliminated from the “Dancing With The Stars” completion this week. Actually, it was hard for many of the stars to survive this week. All of the stars had one thing going against them. That was the musical selections for the week. Plus, three stars had lower scores due to the team dacne.

The musical selections were all based on songs that could be translated into Halloween based songs. This hurt many of the dancers when it came to dancing their assigned dance to the assigned song. Not all of the actual dances fit the songs. This made it especially hard to keep the required steps.

Then three stars that lost the team competition were : JR Martinez, Nancy Grace and David Arquette. This caused them to have an added score of 23 to their individual scores. The winners of the team competition: Ricki Lake, Hope Solo, and Rob Karashian were given an extra 26 points. This helped them to raise into the high 3 spots for the week.

Was the team dance competition and the poor musical choices the main reason for the elimination choice this week? One may have wondered this when the name, David Arquette was called.

What will ABC throw at the dancers next week?

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