Another View

Walking along the path,

Come across a white and gray bridge,

Made of old wood,

And dark steel for the railings,

Looking at the clear blue water,

With leaves that have fallen,

Green trees off to the close distance,

Signs of the park nearby,

City so far away,

It seems as I look at the area near,

With another view,

Another view we should always take,

Not just in nature,

But in life,

We should look even deeper,

Than the surface that we see,

We should take another walk,

When we are roaming around,

We should take a deeper perspective,

And know more than just a few things,

Not judging someone,

Even when we know them,

When we might not know,

All they are dealing with,

Difficulties we all have,

Hardships we all face,

But how we deal with them,

How we handle them,

Is different,

What might seem to be whining,

Could be venting,

What seems like harshness,

Could be concern,

We need to sometimes take another view,

Another view to the situation,

Realize none of us are perfect,

That we all make mistakes,




And many other things,

We need to do our best,

And sometimes that means,

Taking another view,

Looking at things a different way,

Looking at life even a different way,

We all need that chance,

We all need that hope,

We all need that assurance,

That we can be accepted,

And although we might not always,

Agree with each other,

We can still respect,

And show love,

And give someone another view,

When life demands it,

From us.

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