AP Top 25 Drops Ohio State and Auburn in Week Four

The week 4 AP Top 25 has been released, and neither Ohio State nor Auburn is anywhere to be found. Both schools were punished for losses on Saturday, ending streaks that both schools had going.

According to ESPN, this is the first time in seven years that the Buckeyes have not been ranked. That was the longest current streak in NCAA college football, but it could be a sign of things to come for Ohio State. As for Auburn, the defending national champions fell out of the poll after getting ranked No. 21 last week.

The week 4 AP Top 25 was unkind to some major schools, as five big conference teams fell out of the poll. Michigan State (No. 15), Arizona State (No. 22), and Mississippi State (No. 25) were the other three schools that posted losses this past weekend and were punished with less support from the voters.

At the top of heap, there were still four schools that garnered first place votes this week. Oklahoma was the definite favorite of the voters, receiving 37 first place votes and keeping the overall No. 1 ranking. LSU took back the No. 2 ranking with 14 first place votes, with Alabama (7) and Boise State (4) rounding out the top four teams.

Former No. 5 ranked Florida State fell to No. 11 after a tough loss to the Oklahoma Sooners, and that opened a spot in the top five. Stanford rose to take that spot, making the Cardinal the top ranked Pac-12 team in the poll. Rounding out the top 10 were Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Oregon (in that order).

There are shockingly five new teams that were welcomed to the AP Top 25 this week, with all of them ranked No. 21 through No. 25. All five teams also finished the week with 3-0 records, making the polls a bit muddled when it comes to the opinions of the voters. Those schools that joined the AP Poll include Clemson, Michigan, USC, Illinois, and Georgia Tech. Any one of those schools could shock the world with some big wins this year.

The two teams with the biggest jumps this week were Texas and TCU, which jumped from the bottom of the rankings into the middle. Texas is now up to No. 19 and is followed by TCU at No. 20 after both schools had been tied in week three at No. 23.

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