APPENDIX: The Questionnaire Sample

APPENDIX: The Questionnaire Sample

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY OF THE SECONDARY FRESHMEN WITH REFERENCE TO THEIR PROFILE BACKGROUND. A. Accuracy. Match the underlined vowel/consonant sound in the left side with the one contained in any of the three (3) words inside the parenthesis. Write the correct word on the answer sheets.

1. hack (hock, bar, bade) 11. hot (hat, shaft, lock)

2. stack (stock, car, craft) 12. flaw (flow, flew, call)

3. gauze (goes, wrought, rote) 13. bowl (ball, saw, sow)

4. awed (owed, jaw, Joe) 14. gnaw (know, caught, coat)

5. cup (cop, rub, rob) 15. bane (vain, bin, vine)

6. bin (bane, male, mill) 16. gypsy (fish, be, keep)

7. freak (leave, save, sake) 17. same (fame, seem, come)

8. urchin (bush, church, brush) 18. garden (jar, jam, gold)

9. led (reed, fed, heed) 19. coo (low, law, rue)

10. well (kill, tell, feel) 20. meet (met, bread, be)

B. Appropriateness. Write the word that best corresponds to the essential meaning.

1. The blue scarf will (complement, compliment) your new suit.

2. The (aisle, isle) is located somewhere in the middle of South

China Sea.

3. Students flock in the bookstores to buy (stationary,


4. We suggest that you (council, counsel) her concerning her behavior.

5. The church law is better known as the (cannon, canon) law.

6. They knew how to grind the (colonel, kernel) into oats.

7. We were (altogether, all together) again during the silver

jubilee of our class reunion.

8. Her (childish, childlike) countenance will win the admiration

of the boys.

9. If you want to know the value of this ring, let him (appraise,

apprise) it.

10. I fear the (claw, clause) of a monkey.

11. Adversity is a (great, greater) mentor than prosperity.

12. There are fresh shells in the (sore, shore).

13. The fool jumped into the (pole, pool).

14. The students (logged, lagged) behind.

15. The desk was (littered, lettered) with odds and ends.

16. Jun (leaned, lined) out of the window.

17. He could see a (deer, dear) near the tree.

18. The woman died after a sumptuous (mail, meal).

19. The soldiers put of the (red, raid) after the heavy rain.

20. The naughty lad threw his (cap, cop) into the gap.

C. Correct Usage. Pick out the correct word form in the parenthesis.

1. Fluency of using the English language has become one of

the (criteria, criterion) in accepting personnel in many call


2. A (referendum, referenda) is the submission of a proposed

public measure on law which has been passed upon by the


3. The problems of a drug addict (affect, affects) his family.

4. Her sister, including her friends, (know, knows) how to use

her time profitably.

5. The number of drug addicts in our barangay (is, are)


6. Fifty percent of the funds (is, are) appropriated for fighting

drug addiction.

7. The old fashioned farmers can’t help (doubt, doubting) the

claims of the scientists.

8. Clavelio Mason can (drive, drives) up the flank of El Tofo


9. Coastal villages had better (look, looked) to seawater


10. They ought to (look, looks) for the proper trash cans.

11. The Arab nations might have (initiate, initiated) the first

experiments but they weren’t interested at the time.

12. Let us (take, takes) the adverb of frequency which answers

the question how often.

13. (Do, Does) your father still teach at Minglanilla National

Science High School?

14. The real meaning of success for many people (is, are)

making more and more money.

15. Did the students and teachers (left, leave) early yesterday?

16. By next week, I shall have (move, moved) away.

17. The loss of five friends (is, are) the price; Ermetes has to

pay for his selfishness.

18. Every grocery that (raises, raise) the price will be


DIFFICULTIES IN ORAL ENGLISH RELATIVE TO PRONUNCIATION. D. Pronunciation. Which of the word inside the parenthesis corresponds to the given symbol?

1. /iy/ (reap, rip)

2. /I/ (lick, leak)

3. /ey/ (bane, Ben)

4. /ε/ (sped, spade)

5. /æ/ (bar, bat)

6. /a/ (car, can)

7. /uw/ (book, boot)

8. /u/ (good, cooed)

9. /כ/ (call, coat)

10. /ow/ (bought, boat)

11. /oy/ (soil, full)

12. /ay/ (geyser, gypsy)

13. /aw/ (bough, claw)

14. /ﮐ/ (ship, chip)

15. /^/ (cup, cap)

Which choice corresponds to the word with the correct primary stress.

1. a. cáshier 4. a. déficit

b. cashíer b. defícit

2. a. góvern 5. a. cómmittee

b. govérn b. commíttee

3. a. prófessor 6. a. órator

b. proféssor b. orator

E. Inflection. Which is correct, a or b?

1. a) How are you, Mr. Adolfo?

b) How are you, Mr. Adolfo?

2. a) He came, he saw, he conquered.

b) He came, he saw, he conquered.

3. a) Goodbye

b) Goodbye

4. a) Nice to see you.

b) Nice to see you.

5. a) I’ll see him.

b) I’ll see him.

6. a) Do you like tea?

b) Do you like tea?

DIFFICULTIES ENCOUNTERED IN ENGLISH BY THE RESPONDENTS § Areas of Difficulty § Very Difficult § Difficult § Moderately Difficult § Less Difficult § Not Difficult

F. Oral English

1. [iy]

2. [I]

3. [ey]


5. [æ]

6. [a]

7. [uw]

8. [u]

9. [כ]

10. [ow]

11. [oy]

12. [ay]

13. [aw]

15. [^]

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