Are You Hungry to Lose Weight NOW, Before the Holidays?

A friend of mine lost more than 50 lbs by working out 2 hours a day at the gym, taking fat blocker ALLI (Over the counter) and eating vegetables from his garden. My mom lost weight fast by doing the HCG diet where you give yourself shots of (Human chorionic gonadotropin) and B12 Shots for energy. HCG—-A hormone present in your body when you are pregnant. It supposedly resets your metabolism, speeds up weight loss, prevents you from being hungry and jumpstarts your efforts. The (HCG) diet drops you down to 550 calories per day. Another one of my friends simply eats no sugar, no processed food, no starch, no white foods and works out at the gym. She has maintained her slim figure by working hard and being diligent about her diet rules for more than 20 years now. Others have gone organic, given up artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and heavy carbs ie: My beloved French fries, potatoes, ice cream, bread, alcohol. (Is life really worth living without all of these joys?) Even for a little while. I personally haven’t come to terms with that yet. My dad has lost over 50lbs by doing the worst thing of all. He only eats one meal a day. He gets to choose whatever he is craving or wants but only one time. (Ridiculous) but it worked. Don’t try this at home because it is terrible for your metabolism. Your body was not made to eat only one meal per day. Cutting calories is fine, rats have been shown to live longer in laboratory studies by cutting calories but feeding them a few times a day keeps their metabolism running smoothly. I have done the Heart Diet a whopping 600 calories before, oh and my favorite that I got many of my friends hooked on the “Cabbage Soup Diet” 7 days of bliss. You can eat all the cabbage soup that you would like along with fruits and vegetables and meat only one time per week. Look it up on the internet. I heard that flight attendants and models use to do this before their big weigh ins that would determine their livelihood and job tenure. My husband and I have tried the South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers and simply eating better.

Another story that I just came across tells about a family that became urban farmers and gave up all fast food, restaurants, and grocery shopping for a year. They grew and or raised everything they needed to eat. The results were, weight loss, renewed health and a huge savings to their budget. Ok so most of us work ten hour days and can’t become sustainable farmers. We can however commit to giving up processed food for a year, soda, artificial sweetners, and possibly a few other vices. Here are a few tricks for weight loss now before the holidays:

1) Eat the fruits (sorry guys it is too late to plant a garden It is harvest time) 2) Learn to give up alcohol or mix wine with seltzer, (make sure it is sugar free) to make a wine spritzer. 3) Drink water, lots of it. One 8oz glass of water to one wine spritzer or sugar free drink. Even if you over do it on the alcohol the results won’t be as bad because you are hydrated with the water. 4) Take an appetizer or salad size plate at buffets and family get togethers. Try a little taste of everything but only on the smaller plate. Don’t go back for 2nds. 5) If you over do it on food and alcohol, over do it with exercise the next morning. Run for 2hours, or go to the gym for two hours. Work it off and get right back on track. 6) Take the vitamin chromium picolinate it regulates blood sugar which is a major factor in snacking. 7) Keep tiny packages of nuts, fiber one bars, zip lock bags of veggies in your purse for long days running errands, traveling, or doing something off schedule. These will give you healthy snack options when that time arrives.

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