Are You Living in “Manager’s Mode?”

Managers = Follow… Leaders = Lead!

I’ve always believed, in my line of work, that Managers really are there to manage results, they are not creating results. Leaders, create results, they find ways to motivate people into wanting something better in their positions, themselves and the overall organization, as a whole. Being self employed I have often had to surround myself with ‘experts’ to learn a particular trait or way of doing business. I gravitate toward Leaders, not Managers. To me, Managers are ‘the past’ and Leaders are ‘the now…the future’ of the world and what we live in.

People follow Leaders.
People gain strength and momentum from Leaders.
Leaders recognize growth opportunities.
Leaders focus ahead, they live and work in the ‘what will be’.

This is the attitude we all must have if we want to succeed in business or frankly our personal lives, as well. Sadly, our businesses and lives, in general, will pass us by if we live in ‘Managers Mode’. Managers ‘tell people what to do’ to fulfill their job descriptions, where Leaders write their own job descriptions.

Anyone can manage something, given the right tools, a good personality, strong work ethic and the ability to reason and carry out orders, they can succeed at just about anything. Not everyone can lead. Those who lead really do so with a finesse that is beyond mere ‘managing’. They host a plethora of knowledge and a wonderful skill-set. They are willing to take chances, stand behind them and make changes, mid-stream, if things aren’t going correctly. Leaders can recruit followers to share their passion, vision and expectations of abundance like no other!

How many ‘managers’ do you know that truly love to teach someone else their expertise? Sadly, the answer to that rhetorical question is usually “none”. Their everyday lives are encompassed with doing the same old, same old…simply to survive. Leaders, on the other hand, are natural teachers, their traits are things like; tenacity, growth, can-do attitude, solid listening and communication skills, compassion, persistence and knowledge that can be taught to the most eager associates.

Don’t continue to go through live in “Managers-mode” just because you think there is no other way. Believe in yourself as a Leader, see yourself leading others, share your knowledge and passions with the people who surround you and grow, every single day, into the best Leader that you can be!

Leaders are the future, Managers are the past… Which one would you like to be?

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