Are You One of the Bad Drivers Reeking Havoc on Our Highways

Ask most anyone sitting behind the wheel of an automobile who is the best driver in the world, more often than not, the answer will be me. Yet, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2010, we had more than 32,000 fatalities.

This high number clearly indicates that many among us are very oblivious to the rules of safety on our highways. Some will even point a finger at another and accuse the person of being the bad driver. The pointer does not realize that he too is a bad driver.

While driving you should not focus on the bad habits of others, but rather on the corrective action you plan to take to elude this driver. When a driver starts to point fingers at another driver, they are only a few steps away from road rage.

If you encounter someone who is driving erratically, pull to the side of the road and allow the person to pass and or call the police. Under no circumstances should you confront another driver about his driving skills or the lack thereof.

It is incumbent upon all of us to do our part in making our roadways safer. Some of the very people we cherish the most are drivers.

Many of us have been driving for a number of years and from time to time, we may become complacent. We should always be vigilant whenever we take the controls of a vehicle. The next accident may just be a few cars away.

As a former driving instructor, on a yearly basis, I read my state driving manual. Not because I have forgotten how to drive, but rather to allow my mind to stay focused on the importance of knowing the rules of the road.

In an attempt to keep you focused while on the road, I devised this little quiz to challenge your mindset while driving.

Answer the ten questions to the best of your ability and keep the answers in mind while you drive. My correct answers are at the end of the quiz.

1. You are on a 4 lane interstate highway, 2 lanes on each side. The vehicle directly in front of you is driving just under the posted speed limit and you want to pass. However, a car is in the passing lane keeping abreast of the car you wish to pass; you

A. Start blowing your horn and flashing your lights
B. Call the police because you are in a hurry
C. Never, take this route again
D. Remain calm and reduce your speed because a bottleneck will happen

2. You notice a car in your rear view mirror inappropriately changing lanes and tailgating other cars; you

A. Speed up because you feel you can out run the driver
B. If you can, pull to the side of the road until he passes
C. Call the police
D. Shake your head and wonder how he passed the driving test

3. A sign is posted indicating the left lane is closed one mile ahead; you

A. Speed up and pass as many cars as possible
B. Proceed slowly because folks will be in and out of lanes
C. Don’t let anyone in front of you
D. Stay in the closed lane

4. While driving in the right lane you observe an 18 wheeler about to merge onto the highway; you

A. Speed up before he enters
B. If time permits and the left lane is clear, change lanes
C. Honk your horn loudly so he will see you
D. Wonder why trucks are on the highway

5. Your car appears to be overheating the gauge is in the danger zone; you

A. Keep driving
B. Drive as fast as you can because a gas station may be ahead
C. Stop when it is safe to do
D. Start to pray

6. You feel yourself becoming sleepy but you have only a few more miles to go before you reach your designation; you

A. Stop whenever traffic permits
B. Let the window down so fresh air can come in
C. Start singing to keep awake
D. Pinch yourself to stay awake

7. While traveling north you notice the cars going south with their lights and wiper blades on; you

A. Wonder why their wiper blades are on because you do not see any rain
B. Continue to drive at your pace
C. Anticipate rainy weather ahead
D. Call the weather

8. While driving you need to make an important call your cell phone is next to you; you

A. Make the call on your cell phone because you are in a hurry
B. Look for the police before you make the call
C. Speed up because you are almost there
D. Exit the highway when it is safe to do so and make the call while stopped

9. You see a flashing red light up ahead; you

A. Reduce your speed and merge into the further lane if possible
B. Slow down because you want to see what happened
C. Call home and tell the family about it
D. Speed up because you want to get away from the area as fast as possible

10. You observe a flashing red light in your rear which appears to be a fire truck since it is not the police; you

A. Gun it because you know you can out run the fire truck
B. Continue at the same speed
C. Stay just ahead of him so he does not caught you
D. Slow down and pull to the right when it is safe to do so

Answers to the above quiz: 1.D 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.C 6.A 7.C 8.D 9.A 10.D

If you have more than three incorrect answers, you failed. The good news, since I am not the police I cannot take any action against you.

However, for the safeties of you, your family and of course me, it would behoove you to refresh yourself regarding the rules of the road.

One very important issue I must address, no matter where you are going or how important the meeting is, you must get there first. If your designation is of great importance, allow enough time for unforeseen circumstances.

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