“Are You Talking to Me?” – Book Review

What did you want to be when you grew up? A firefighter? A doctor? The president of the United States? Most people smile as they reminisce on these lofty dreams they once held as children. But not Don Corey – his smile represents much more that a mere childhood recollection. With his quick sense of humor and endless creativity, Corey actually made his wish come true and even found more than what he was originally looking for.

“Are You Talking To Me?” is Corey’s autobiography, chronicling his path from accidentally turning his first transmitter into a smoldering lump of metal to landing his DJ dream job at St. Louis’ KSHE 95 radio station. Full of entertaining wit and vivid descriptions, his stories seamlessly flow from one to the next as the book progresses. Corey writes in an easy-going tone and it feels as if you are enjoying an old friend’s memories of ‘the good old days’. It’s his experiences beyond, though that teach him what’s really important in life and where his heart truly lies.

“Are You Talking To Me?” is perfect for autobiography/biography and inspirational book enthusiasts. A St. Louis native and legend at KSHE 95, Corey’s text will also appeal to those interested in this contributor to the town’s history and personality. Although the book ends on a motivating and encouraging note, it was to be Corey’s last project. During the final proofing stages, he suffered a severe and fatal heart attack. His devoted wife, Katherine, writes a short, heart-wrenching ‘Afterword’ section about her ironic promise to see the book through publication if he couldn’t. Through her efforts, this loved radio personality, husband, father, friend, and author will not only be fondly remembered by those that knew him, his life is forever recorded in print for anyone to get acquainted with the man behind the voice.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll share his deep passion for radio – “Are You Talking To Me?” takes you through the condensed version of former-DJ-turned-author Don Corey’s unique life. Remember what it was like to look at the future from a child’s perspective and watch the author grow into the person he was meant to be while never losing his ingenious sense of humor and upbeat nature. In true Corey wit, “ask your doctor if this story is right for you”.

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