Argo Online Caverna East Dungeon Guide

This is a walkthrough guide for the Caverna cave east dungeon quest. Before starting it would be imperative to get a team to help you with the mission, which can make the dungeon go by a lot faster. Even if you think that it cuts down on your exp or you think they are taking your items, your teammates will help you in the long run because you will all share the same quests. This means that if you kill a monster, they get the quest kill as well, even if they didn’t help in the battle.

If you split up into groups and all fight different enemies at the same time, you can make the quest kill counter go up rapidly because you all share the same kill quest counter. If you are doing the dungeons with a party then you should be able to complete the entire thing in thirty minutes or less. In case you are attempting to solo the dungeon I would recommend reaching at least level 12 before running it on your own…

A bit of perseverance goes a long way

To get started, talk to Cheuba Hertage and Manje Nonno to receive two quests to go inside the cave. Both quests are level 8 missions so it is best to do them both at the same time. Cheuba will give you a quest to kill 9 of the Stone Ahbereuta and 10 of the Tree Ahbereuta. While Manje needs you to kill 9 of the yellow spined Anima. Both monsters are located inside the dungeon just behind them.

For the most part the dungeon is quite easy but the monsters do get aggravated and will gather around in a large group, if this happens to you try activating the defense bucket. After you complete the quests report to Croan Reeve for Manje’s quest and report to Anna Jave for Cheuba’s quest, they are both just a little bit farther into the cave. When you are done Anna will have another mission for you to clear out some of the “yellow-leaves spined tree anima” that are closest to her so that she can leave the cave to see her grandma. After all 8 of the yellow-leaves spined tree anima are killed report back to Anna to finish the quest.

The changing living creatures

When you are done with your quest go talk to Croan again, he now needs you to kill the growing population of Poisonous fog Grutine. They are located at the far end of the dungeon, just follow the path and you should see them. They shouldn’t be too hard at your current level and you should be able to take them out without a problem, however they do have the ability to slowly drain all of your MP so you might have to kill them without any skills. The best way to dispose of them is with range weapons so that they can’t debuff you with the magic drain. And in case you are looking for it, they have a chance of dropping the rare Pentient old uniform.

Once you kill 10 of them report to Kimel Raptel who is back near Croan to complete the quest. Now Kimel will ask you to eliminate the boss monster in the dungeon because he wants to impress the pretty lady standing next to him. He also would like you to kill 10 of the rotting Grutine monsters that lead up to the boss.

The boss monster is the Acid Grutine, located in a small little corner on the east side of the map. The boss isn’t hard to kill but it is guarded by two smaller monsters. If you are around level 9 and you only have one other person helping you, then it is essential to activate both the defense and attack bucket valves to help you get through the battle. Once all of the monsters are dead, leave the cave and report back to Cheuba Hertage to gain an upgrade kit item, and complete the final mission.

Congratulations, you are now finished with the Kelloare Caverna cave east Dungeon quest guide.

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