Art Sand and Play-Dough Wood Fillers

Anything wooden is subject to cracks. Wood doors, wood cabinets and a wood rocking chair for example, can get a crack. A crack on a wood door means that if it is large enough someone can peer through, which wouldn’t be a good thing if the wood door belonged to a bathroom. There are things on the market that are wood fillers but there are a couple of other fixes you can do.

Using a plastic knife, all purpose glue or wood glue…mix with art sand and use the plastic knife to fill in the crack. Apply the mix to the crack before the glue dries then smooth the access away. You can also sand the access off when the glue dries. The art sand gives you color to work with. Match the art sand to the color of wood. You can also use regular sand instead of art sand.

Another way to fill in a crack is with Play-Dough or clay. Match the Play-Dough to the wood and fill in the crack. Smooth it over with the plastic knife.

Both the art sand and the Play-Dough are temporary to semi-permanent.

If you are having difficulty matching the color of the sand or dough to the wood you can add food coloring. Be sure to mix the food coloring with the sand and let it dry before mixing it with the glue. Likewise with the Play-Dough. Mix the food coloring with the dough and let it soak in to dry before applying. Do not let the Play-Dough dry out or become hard. If the Play-Dough has dried out or has hardened then it won’t be pliable enough for you to use as a filler.

You can also apply wood varnish over the art sand or Play-Dough, once you have filled in the crack, to help disguise it. But if you are going to cover the crack with varnish, it may be best to go ahead and apply varnish to the whole door. Applying varnish to the whole door will help to even out the shade of wood instead of drawing attention to one spot of newly applied varnish. Remember, that if you are trying to disguise and even out the filler in the crack to use wood varnish that has a stain. Clear varnish won’t change the shade that you are trying to hide.

In some cases, if the crack is relatively small, varnishing the door on its own without using any filler may best cause the crack to appear to disappear.

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