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Individuals searching for an article directories list will usually find thousands of different options available. While the majority of these articles submission sites are pretty much the same, there is always a new choice that tries to raise the bar. In September 2011, Content Hangover started a new approach.

Here are the pros and cons to this new article marketing website:

1. The Site is New– Yes, any new article directory won’t be able to provide the same type of traffic a place like Ezine articles can offer you right now.

However, sometimes the new places that wind up on an article directories list can be extremely beneficial. Just placing 5 to 10 articles on there could produce crazy traffic once they become more popular. In fact, it’s an easy way to look like an expert author when the site does become popular.

2. They Offer a $100 Monthly Drawing– This is something you don’t see on any other article directory out there. Giving authors an opportunity to win a hundred bucks for just being an active member could definitely help a lot of people out. Plus, it will motivate everyone, especially if they raise that amount during the upcoming months.

3. Content Hangover’s Article Formula– Once the back office was accessible, the submission area offered question mark help. Basically you hover over them and follow the author guidelines. In the beginning it’s probably going to take longer to write your articles. After all, change is difficult, but sometimes it’s for the better.

Their claim is that the seo formula they use for articles has provided several benefits for their company. What we found is that it hasn’t been for their article directory yet, but other companies they were using as affiliate programs. Unfortunately this is something that can’t be shared in an article due to disclosure, which is not surprising.

4. The Content Hangover Store– Only active authors of the website can access the store area. They are offering informational products on “How-to” Internet marketing eBooks, article marketing strategies, secret building techniques, and other helpful pieces of material. Their goal is to help authors make more money on the Internet, which is why every product in the store (excluding apparel) is free.

This is a monumental advantage for any beginner who wants to use the places in an article directories list. Instead of this kind of information costing $27, $37, $47, or even $97, you get it for free. The downfall to this is that they produce these sparingly, but offer them to all active members once they are complete.

According to an email response, Content Hangover will provide the first eBook by September 15th. They also said that these will not be long, drawn out books with too much information. Everything is concise, to the point, and they offer analogies here and there.

5. There is a Small Investment– Since most URLs on an article directories list will be free, the Content Hangover article directory doesn’t seem as beneficial. We sent a message asking why they charged a small fee ($1.99 per month) and here was their reply:

“Michael, thank you for contacting Content Hangover. We understand a lot of authors will be wondering why we charge a small investment to utilize our website. We will have an explanation in the FAQ area as soon as possible (still working on that section).

We wanted to charge a small fee in order to keep the article spammers out of the website. Our goal is to provide great content for readers and give authors faster publishing times by human editors. Due to Google Plus and Google Panda being released in the past 6 months, we felt this would be extremely important.

If we have to sift through several articles that turn out to be a waste of time, it’s only going to hurt the authors of our site. We want to give them (you) every benefit possible so everyone can build more traffic to their websites and gain better rapport with readers.

We hope this helps answer your question. If you have anymore, feel free to contact us.”

You Decide

What can you buy for $2 these days? It’s pretty inexpensive, and the response they provided makes complete sense. Add in the time and cost of putting together free information and earning entries into the $100 contests each month, this is a drop in the bucket. They also give you the opportunity to earn instant publishing capabilities.

Whether or not it is for you is another story. The best thing to do is look over their website. Who knows, Content Hangover could be #1 on the article directories list and de-throne Ezine or Knol a few years from now.

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