As the World Turns

There is a stretch of highway that fatality happens more than usual. If you drive you probably go down this strip. The highway is like a pulley belt. It keeps pulling drivers until it’s too late. My co-worker lost his mom on this stretch of highway. The law enforcement always has road blocks to slow drivers down or pull them over. The demonic spirits fall from the trees and poke holes in your radiator. This causes you to pull over. So, visitors beware of this stretch of highway. Two world wars could not put an end to the events on this highway.

As a visitor, you expect to be treated kindly. You are first greeted with delight and much invite. But strange thing start to happen when you decide to go home. You visit America the Beautiful and share a dollar or two. What began as a pleasurable moment ends in a nightmare. You are out touring the town when you get the traffic on the opposite side of the road meet you head on. You duck putting all your driving skills to work. Now that you have dodged a major traffic accident the law enforcement comes. You’re shaken up and barely can talk when the officer arrives at your window. License and registration they demand. Well, because you are not familiar with where your husband keeps these things you are asked to take a ride down town. After making a brief statement to explain yourself, you’re now snatched from the vehicle onto the hood. Shackled and hand cuffed your taken to the tip of the highway where the officers ask, “Do you know where you are?” Adding confusion with frustration you reply, “North.” Simply because you had a sense of direction they turn the car around and let you go. In your rear view mirror you see them read your plates. The tour is over and you head back to your husband and child. Your family greets you and wonders why the disgrace looks. While sipping a glass of water the event are told to the family who are now in utter disbelief. The husband begins to make a phone call when there is a knock at the door. It is law enforcement and they are not thrilled about what they just heard. At this point, the whole family is taken in for disorderly conduct. Your child has been slammed into DHS custody and you’re forced to make calls for bail. The phone calls generate no leads to freedom because it’s just you and your husband in ghost town. The law enforcement agent asks that you sign papers giving rights to your child away. Terrified you pass out. Upon waking, the doctor has started brain surgery to see what’s wrong. In disbelief you break and run. Now all the hospital staff and law enforcement pursue you to get you back under the doctor’s care. A shot is given to calm you down but then you lose contiguousness. Upon wakening, the nurse announces, “Welcome” “You’re in hell.”

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