Atlanta Hawks Josh Smith 2012 NBA All Star Snub

Atlanta Hawks Josh Smith 2012 NBA All Star snubbing seems to be overlooked in the Atlanta sports media market. Talk to anyone who follows the Atlanta Hawks and they will say Josh has great potential and fans are waiting for more. What are the fans waiting for, Josh to average 20 points per game and snatch 12 rebounds per contest?

If Josh played in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago he would be a two time All Star playing for a big market team. Instead Josh is the perfect example of a hot talent in a under performing sports media market. Atlanta fans were recently accused by sports media reporters as being “a bad sports town”. Residents in Atlanta claim that Atlanta is a transient city full of out of town citizens creating a gap in fan support.

During the CBA agreement David Stern lobbied for more growth in under performing markets like Atlanta, New Orleans and Milwaukee. Commissioner Stern and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert made resounding remarks during the lockout making a case that under performing and smaller markets should be the new focus in the NBA. If small under performing markets are the NBA’s new focus then Josh being snubbed from the All Star game roster after averaging 16.0 ppg, 9.5 reb, 1.5 stls and 2.1 blks is a slap to the NBA’s new direction.

The Atlanta Hawks have one of the top records in the NBA Eastern Conference. Josh continues to be a huge contributing factor for the Hawks stepping into a leadership role with the absence of injured NBA All Star center Al Horford. Josh is no longer the player waiting on the arrival of his Oak Hill Academy potential he has arrived.

The difference is large markets take players like Jeremy Lin and create “Linsanity”. Small markets take talents like Josh Smith and create All Star snubs with little fanfare. Imagine Josh Smith in a Lakers or Knicks jersey or playing besides Derrick Rose in Chicago.

The NBA needs to accept that larger markets simply have more to offer and will always be attractive to NBA players. In the NFL smaller markets like Green Bay and Pittsburgh are successful. When NFL teams play there are 11 players on the field allowing the focused to be centered on the offense and defense as a unit with Quarterback being the exception. NFL Quarterback has to be the most criticized position in sports.

In the NBA there are only five players on the court allowing for more individualism. NBA basketball is an entertainment sport where players are more marketable than the markets and teams they represent. Josh brings the excitement fans in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York media markets crave. So my challenge to the Atlanta sports fanbase is to start a Josh Smith All Star snub campaign, support the local talent that is Josh Smith.

Philips Arena is the Highlight Factory; J-Smoove is the Highlight Reel part II. So what’s wrong with Atlanta, what’s wrong with Josh Smith? Where is the credit and recognition he deserves?

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